best hybrid inverters in pakistan

Which Hybrid Inverters To Go For Installation?

The need for the best hybrid inverters

The ever-rising price hikes in petrol have taken a toll on every aspect of the individual life. Not only has it made survival difficult, but it has also put pressure on the breadwinners to put extra on the table. Electricity prices have risen, obviously, as a result of the growing inflation in Pakistan. Therefore, to take some pressure off the rack, it is suggested to become energy efficient and utilize your resources smartly. The best hybrid inverters in Pakistan help in producing energy to eventually lessen your electricity expenses and save your money.  

Interested in knowing Fronus Inverter Price?

A hybrid inverter may backup power in the event of a blackout, however, it is designed for off-grid use. In simpler terms, it means that it is a solar power system that stores excess solar energy for later use. It is similar to a UPS system. There is no standard make of hybrid systems available. Goforsolar offers a wide range of hybrid inverters that can be used for commercial, residential, and utility installations. From Aspire to Chint, Huawei, and Goodwe, are some of the best choices to go with to cover your solar needs. Fronus Inverters at affordable prices are also available to match your requirements. You can check out the Fronus inverter price now. 

Fronus 4.2kw Inverter Price in Pakistan is the most affordable. 

The hybrid inverter provides protection for both DC input and AC output to prevent damage to the components and the unit. It is the ultimate solution to your need for an inverter. Check out the fronus 4.2kw inverter prices in Pakistan and get yourself a new one today – you need it!

Maxpower Sunbridge 1000 – Another suitable option?

Maxpower Sunbridge is another of the hybrid inverters that you can install. It comes in multiple watts suitable for uses in industrial, household, and agricultural sectors. The Sunbridge 1000 solar inverter has a warranty range of up to 18 months, it is integrated with auto-sensing for different frequency ranges, and is easy to install. Moreover, Maxpower Sunbridge 1000 price in Pakistan is the lowest as compared to other countries. It’s time to get yours installed now. 

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get the best hybrid inverter installed in your homes, offices, and factories to save energy and cut cost prices. Yes, it is a one-time investment, but one that will pay you much better in the long run. 

Solar Inverters in Pakistan – The Best Solution?

Solar Inverters square measure an integral part of the system and are of equal importance as PV plates, but putting in the most effective Solar Inverters in Pakistan may appear costly initially, however, it is surely one of the most effective ways in which to save money. The most important function of the inverter is to convert DC power generated by PV panels into AC electricity that is compatible with home appliances. Primarily these PV inverters facilitate operations like diagnosis and maintenance of the system to mend problems consequently. Just in case additional solar energy is generated by the panels, these inverters manage batteries for the storage of solar charge.

Affordable Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Prices for Pakistani solar inverters vary by brand, specifications, and power capacity. We offer the best solar inverter prices in Pakistan for hybrid solar inverters, off-grid solar inverters, and on-grid / grid-tied solar inverters. Goforsolar remains cost-effective for its customers by choosing these inverters that are power efficient and affordable. We have also partnered with an elite inverter manufacturer to offer Pakistan’s best solar inverters at the most pocket-friendly prices, allowing more people to switch to solar without worrying about the price.

Which Hybrid Inverter To Buy?

As mentioned above, Fronus and Maxwell Sunbridge 1000 are two of the many options to meet your solar requirements. 

Fronus Inverter Price is Rs.69,900 – the most affordable that it gets 

Maxwell Sunbridge 1000 price in Pakistan is Rs. 18,000

Choose the best hybrid inverter that matches your requirement depending on the inverter phase, efficiency, max DC. power, battery voltage, and max output power battery.

Why should you get a Hybrid Inverter Today?

Hybrid inverters have many advantages – here are some of the top ones to consider as you’re comparing inverter solutions:


If you want to keep your property running on backup solar power during a grid outage, hybrid inverters paired with batteries are a great solution. Some hybrid inverters have both on-grid and off-grid capabilities, allowing you to continue running on solar power even if the grid goes dark.  


With a hybrid inverter, all of your solar electricity–whether being sent to the grid, self-consumed on your property, or stored in your battery–is converted through one component. This allows for “centralized monitoring,” which means you can monitor both your solar panel system and battery performance through one platform.

Retrofit battery storage installations

One of the biggest benefits of a hybrid inverter is that it combines the functionality of two separate pieces of equipment into one. This can mean an easier installation process for your solar installer. Depending on the prices of the individual components and the cost of labor, you may save money by installing a hybrid inverter from the get-go as opposed to paying for both a solar inverter and a battery-specific inverter separately. However, if you do not plan on adding battery storage to your system, compare hybrid solutions to traditional, grid-tied solar inverters, as they can be less expensive upfront.

Goforsolar is the best Solar Energy Company in Pakistan with its cost-effective best solar inverters in Pakistan so you can easily switch to solar energy and be energy independent. Now you can get the best hybrid inverters, from top-rated global manufacturers, in Pakistan without any hassle. Going solar was not this easy and profitable. We offer affordable hybrid inverters in Pakistan, which include top-quality products including the Fronus inverters


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