Hybrid System

When to go for a Hybrid Solar System

Have you heard about the hybrid solar system? With its growing popularity, people are now interested to know what it is and how it is effective. So let’s discuss this in detail and find out!

Hybrid Solar System 

When your solar panels for home are connected to the grid’s power lines and have a backup battery system to store surplus electricity, you have a hybrid system. The solar panels absorb the sun’s energy, which is then converted into useful electricity via an inverter. Electricity is then delivered to your home, your battery, or the grid.

A hybrid solar system is one of the best solar solutions in Pakistan that is connected to the grid and includes battery storage. They come with a special smart inverter that can send and receive direct current (DC) electricity from your batteries while also channeling alternating current (AC) power from the grid to your home when needed. Hybrid systems provide you with complete control over your energy while keeping you linked to the grid in the event of an emergency.

Less Expensive

Hybrid systems are also less expensive than off-grid systems because they don’t require diesel backup. The addition of the best hybrid inverters in Pakistan and the battery is the only difference between a hybrid solar power system and a standard grid-connect system.

How does it work?

When solar energy is insufficient to power your home, the battery inverter will try to draw electricity from the battery. If it can’t offer enough power (note, power is measured in kW) or energy (kWh) because it’s running low, the grid will step in to fill the gap. Hybrid solar systems’ batteries are typically sized to last through the night, but they can also provide electricity during the day if needed. You can use the available solar inverter in Pakistan to power the system. Hybrid systems are set up so that solar power is used first, followed by battery power, and finally grid electricity. Some hybrid systems can provide limited backup from your batteries in the event of a grid loss, allowing you to keep the lights on and some appliances operating.

Advantages of Hybrid Solar System

When compared to a standard grid-tied system, you’ll use less grid electricity. While hybrid systems powered by hybrid solar inverters are grid-connected, they also include solar battery storage, allowing you to get the most out of the power provided by the panels.

A hybrid system is the most adaptable and future-proof option for household solar. You can increase capacity by purchasing more hybrid solar panels or batteries with specialized hybrid systems. Hybrid systems may also be compatible with modern solar technologies; for example, one of the ‘batteries’ in a hybrid setup may be an electric vehicle (EV).

A power management system can help you save even more money. The devices like hybrid solar panels for homes and inverters can optimize your energy usage automatically. (Larger appliances, such as dishwashers, can, for example, be turned on during peak daylight hours.) This means that there will be more utility savings and a quicker ROI. 

Disadvantages of Hybrid Solar System

There is a lot to install upfront, which increases the initial investment. While you can save money by using a smaller battery bank than with an off-grid solution, the cost must still be considered. 

The cost of specialized equipment, such as the best solar panels in Pakistan and a smart hybrid inverter, is higher. The required parts may necessitate a large amount of room. Even if you’re not in a remote rural region because you have a grid connection, you’ll need space for hybrid solar system, such as the battery bank and inverters.

A hybrid system gives you complete control over your power supply. With solar panels and a backup battery, you may be your own energy supplier with the added security of being linked to the power grid. Hybrid systems are one of the best solar solutions in Pakistan that allows you to save money by lowering your electricity bills, making the higher initial system costs worthwhile. Instead of selling back to your utility, your solar battery will store the majority, if not all, of the excess electricity your system creates. The fact that you will be covered during inclement weather and evening use is what sets a hybrid system apart. You have enough energy in your backup battery and grid electricity if you need it.

Enjoy a smooth flow of electricity with the hybrid solar system. 

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