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Hybrid Solar Systems: A Solution to Load Shedding

Load shedding has become an unfortunate reality of life for most residential and business users across Pakistan. 

In April this year alone, the country experienced frequent power outages for about six hours a day on average. This is because of low water levels in hydroelectricity reservoirs, which have reduced the supply from hydropower stations. Hybrid solar systems are there to cope with the issue of load shedding.

According to the World Bank, load shedding is a ‘planned interruption of electricity service that has an intentional and predetermined duration.’ And it’s not going away any time soon. It is now a permanent feature in most developed and developing countries with growing demand for electricity. So what can you do to beat the load-shedding blues? Hybrid solar systems are your answer! Go For Solar has come up with the best hybrid inverters in Pakistan and hybrid solar panels as the best possible solar solutions in Pakistan.

Installing a Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system is a combination of hybrid solar panels, batteries, and hybrid inverters that can be used to store energy in the form of electricity or directly converted into AC current for use. These systems are ideal for homeowners who want to reduce their reliance on an electricity grid and can also be used to reduce bills, offset grid fees, and carbon emissions. We are presenting you with the best hybrid inverters in Pakistan.


Some advantages of using a hybrid solar power system include:

  • They’re easy to install and maintain.
  • They can store energy in the form of electricity or DC current, which can be used at any point in the future.
  • They can help you save on your electric bill because they use less energy than traditional solar systems.

Things to look at when choosing Hybrid Inverters 

There are a lot of options out there for people looking for the best hybrid inverters in Pakistan. What makes a good hybrid inverter? The answer is quite simple: a good one will provide the best performance and reliability with its energy efficiency. After all, you don’t want to pay for your electricity bill when you can afford it and at the same time have to deal with frequent repairs or breakdowns.

Here are some other considerations when choosing a hybrid inverter:

  1. Energy efficiency – The first thing that you should look for when choosing a hybrid inverter is its energy efficiency. This means that it will not only provide you with the right amount of power but also do so in an efficient way. That way, more of the electricity that you use will be converted into usable energy and less will be wasted in unnecessary losses.
  2. Reliability – Another thing that you should keep an eye out for when looking for a quality hybrid inverter is its reliability. After all, if something goes wrong with your inverter, it could result in a significant loss of power in your home or business. So, if it’s going to go down regularly, then it’s probably best to stick with another option instead of going with a hybrid one. Go For Solar offers the best hybrid solar inverters i.e., Fronus 4.2kw hybrid inverter and Maxpower Sunbridge 1000 Solar Inverter to fulfill your energy requirements in this age of 7-8 hours of load shedding.

    3. Pricing – It is difficult to choose a hybrid system that meets your requirements fully and also comes within your range. But, you don’t need to worry now! Go For Solar is here with the top solar inverters and hybrid solar panels in Pakistan in a fair range.

How can Hybrid Inverters help with load shedding?

Hybrid inverters are a new type of technology that can easily help with load shedding. Load shedding means that an electric utility needs to reduce the amount of power being used during peak hours (which usually occur during the hottest parts of the day). When there is a sudden increase in demand, utilities will often use fossil fuel-based generators to produce more power. However, these generators also create pollution and cost money to run. For this reason, hybrid solar systems can provide you the solar solution in Pakistan. Hybrid inverters use batteries and hybrid solar panels to store energy from the sun and wind. Once demand decreases, the batteries can release energy back into the grid. This helps utilities avoid spending money on fossil fuel-based generators, and it also reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Is Hybrid System Worth Installing?

The biggest advantage of the hybrid solar system is that it can be installed very quickly. It takes up less space than traditional systems, and they are easy to maintain. Hybrid solar systems are also a good option for areas with high winds and long distances between houses and the grid. This is one of the best solar solutions in Pakistan. It could power small businesses or individual homes off-grid with enough hybrid solar panels and batteries, allowing people to preserve their energy supply during times of high demand from factories or power plants. Go For Solar provides solar paneling for your homes at a reasonable price, using the best hybrid inverters to subsist this load shedding issue.


With the increasing demand for electricity in the country, load shedding has become a major issue. This has become especially important for the media, education, and healthcare sectors, as well as the emergency services. But, one solution is to install a hybrid solar system. And to help you out, Go For Solar has come up with the best solar solutions in Pakistan by providing top hybrid inverters and solar paneling for your home. A certified company that can help you prevent scams and provide you with the best services!

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