How to Choose the Best Solar Inverter for Your Home

Have you got frustrated with sudden blackouts or breakdowns? Are you planning to switch towards renewable energy sources, such as solar inverters? Do you want to know which company is selling the best solar inverter in Pakistan? If all these are your thoughts, you’ve reached the right platform.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to choose the best solar inverter for your home. Besides, we’ll review down all the necessary information that would assist you to use green energy in your home.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Buying Guide – Factors to Consider to Buy Best Solar Inverter for Home

Although, solar inverters are a perfect investment to integrate into your daily regime due to many reasons. Firstly, it’s pretty economical and saves power. Secondly, it cuts costs on electricity bills, too. But, still, there are plenty of factors you should take into consideration prior to purchasing solar inverters.

We’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide that will be beneficial to buy solar inverter for your home.

Estimate Home Power Prerequisites

The first and foremost factor you need to do is to calculate your home power requirements. Afterwards, choose an inverter that perfectly accommodate your necessities. However, we would suggest you go for an inverter that features a bit higher capacity than your calculated measurements.

Choose the Right Voltage Battery

While purchasing solar inverters for your home, not to forget every inverter is designed with a specific DC voltage range. Hence, choose the right sized battery that could easily connect with the inverter. For Example, if you have a 48V battery, you need an inverter with the same voltage.

Check the Inverter Wattage Rating

Each inverter has been designed with some specific wattage rating. Suppose your requirements are 1500 watts, then you should select the inverter that wouldn’t exceed this limit. However, if you intend to use continuous 300 watt-power to operate heavy electrical equipment, you need to size your DC to AC inverter accordingly.

Look Out Solar Inverter Efficiency

Another essential feature that shouldn’t be overlooked whilst purchasing the best solar inverter is your inverter’s efficiency. Generally, efficiency is calculated in terms of how much DC power you are obtaining from the DC input to AC output. However, it is suggested you should purchase a PV inverter that has the maximum efficiency of 80-85% in order to operate your home appliances without any difficulty.

Go for Pure Sinewave Inverters

The inverter output plays a huge role when we talk about purchasing a solar inverter in Pakistan. Primarily, you’ll find two variants of waveforms in any inverter, namely, pure sine wave and modified outputs. It’s always a safe bet to go for a pure sine inverter as it shows a more precise output with less harmonic distortion. On the flip side, if you’ve more inductive loads, you can go for the one featuring modified output. Although you may find modified inverters quite economical, you’ll likely get brassy noise along with distorted waveforms. Thus, you should go for pure sinewave inverters for your PV systems.

Select Appropriate Solar Batteries

The implementation of a solar inverter in Pakistan has entirely based upon solar batteries. Suppose you’re someone who has more usage of electronic equipment in your daily lives. In that case, you must select solar batteries that come with massive capacity, incredible efficiency, and high power/current ratings.

Typically, lead-acid batteries perform incredible for solar systems. Nevertheless, you can integrate lithium-nickel manganese cobalt or even lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Find the Right Size & Budget

When we talk about the size of an inverter, it must correspond to the solar system’s DC rating. In terms of prices, you’ll find a wide variety of solar inverters in Pakistan. If you have a limited budget, you can go for on-grid PV inverters. They are easy to install and moderately priced. Conversely, you can purchase off-grid inverters. However, you’ll find them a little overpriced.

In a nutshell, off-grid inverters are more reliable as they store the solar power inside themselves so that when the grid stops working, you won’t run out of supply.

Look for the Durability & Reliability

The final key aspect you shouldn’t neglect at the time of purchasing is the durability of a solar system. Mostly, PV inverters fail to function in the long run. So, choose the one that could easily withstand severe weather conditions.

Above all, if you’re looking for which solar company in Pakistan is best for purchasing solar inverters, you can check out different prestigious brands of solar inverters at In addition to that, you can buy solar inverter online, too.


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